Limited Edition Laptop 8.4 inch Notebook Intel Core i7 16G RAM 512GB PCIe SSD 2560*1600 IPS Touch Screen Pocket Laptops

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Make your laptop difference

The better business assistant0304



Similar size as your phone

The UMPC built in CORE 10 generation CPU

The UMPC which built in better processor. small and portable, 8.4-inch size, with excellent portability, it still mains strong performance, to start high efficient office anytime, anywhere in your journey.0506



Not only good design,

but also better performance

10 Generation CoRE™ Processor

onemix 3Pro Koi limited edition. it is the first UMPC to built in the 10th generation of core processor i7-10510y. Its  performance is about 30% higher than that of the eighth generation of Y processor. It has 8MB cache, 4.5ghz RF, fast response, four cores and eight threads. Multiple programs run smoothly at the same time. It fully meets the office, design, game and other requirements. Even the complex computing, it can be light Pine should respond.07



512GB Pcie SSD

16GB RAM, larger for faster

OneMix3 Pro Koi edition built in larger PCIe SSD, Working smoothly and simply, you don’t need to waste a lot of time waiting for application response any more – you can edit documents, check data online, and communicate with colleagues instantly through communication software, so that everything can be done in one step.08



Change model, 360° YOGA

2-in-1 UMPC

The 360° turned precision hinge design, 2in1 laptop mode makes you work effortlessly and carefree, while the tablet mode pursues drama entertainment, leisure and relaxation, and various forms can make you relaxed.09



The CNC Carved metal shell

Special hand feel, high-end manufacturing process behind it

The shell is make of aluminum magnesium alloy in the aviation industry and high-end automobile field, and the light and solid fuselage is processed by CNC carving process, which is durable and light at the same time. The metal fuselage has excellent texture and hand feeling, and the corners are elegant and round just right.10



Touch to unlock

You are the passcode

OneMix3 Pro koi limited edition think more for you. Now,  you don’t need to re-enter your password every time you log in. You can log in immediately with a touch, adding a security protection to your system.11



Write a new chapter in the new year

4096 Pressure level support

OneMix3 Pro koi edition support 4096 pressure level, with the rapid development of technology, pen is still an important part of our job.12



Write like an angel
Original stylus13


My notebook
Taking up a pen can bring different inspiration

Instant marking
More clearly annotated in a document or email15


Good inspiration always comes out of the blue16



2K Gorgeous IPS screen

8.4″ comfortable to watch

OneMix3 Pro koi edition choose the FHD IPS display screen, More than 4 million pixels will be integrated into the 8.4-inch display, and the ability of each pixel will be fully expoited. Whether you are reading in the park or editing videos in front of the desk. you can show vivid details and sharp and clear text effects.17



Backlit keyboard

The keyboard is equipped with a warm white backlight, which can also display every letter and symbol infront of you in dark night, clear and soft, so that you can easily and accurately in put.18



Sometimes, its a

Books to explore the world

Thanks to the 360° YOGA design, onemix3 Pro Koi edition can change model to match your attitude at any time to learn work and entertainment!19



On business trip

it can be Game PC

Thanks to the Intel Core CPU, as a game machine, although not comparable to the game book, but also can not be underestimated.20



Stand by for whole day

we chose 8600mAh capacity battery, and we bring you the PD charge support now. you can change it by powerbank.





Powerbank support

Never lose power

Your laptop can also support mobile powerbank charging like a mobile phone. which is a good parner for your mobile business office



* 5V, 9V, 12V powerbank support




Genuine windows 10
Make you feel more comfortable using the computer23




multi ports, more smart

support PD charger, support multi-functional expansion; provide external requirements for equipment through interface, such as external screen, connection projection, external printer, and improve work efficiency.2829


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